Aunt Gertie

My Aunt Gertie died on December 6, 2010 on the cusp of 91. She was the last of my father’s siblings to pass away. So now both my parents have no living brothers or sisters.
She was my last surviving aunt.
I did not have grandparents. I was not even five years old when they were all gone. But my parents were each the youngest of five children, so I had plenty of wonderful and loving aunts and uncles who were like “substitute” grandparents.
Aunts and Uncles are great. No baggage, no issues, no responsibilities. They cheer you on, happy to see you always and save the baggage and issues for their own kids. What a joy! How I will miss that!
My parents are both living and are now the last surviving aunt and uncle to all my cousins. My parents are everyone’s “Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe”. No baggage, no issues, no responsibilities. Even friends used to call them that because my cousins and I used to hang out together. At my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, one of my cousins said that “everyone needs an Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe”. And so everyone does.
How extraordinarily blessed I am to still have my parents, aged 89 and 88. Yet I feel somehow gypped at having no “Aunt Rose or Uncle Joe”.
So Aunt Gertie, I will take my memories, all the more bittersweet because you were my last, and treasure them because all I had to do was show up.
So, my message to you is: to show up. For your aging mothers, fathers, unts & uncles…sisters and brothers. No regrets. Because when they are gone…

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