Generation Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association has called Alzheimer’s Disease the defining disease of Baby Boomers. Our office has seen an increase in persons with this disease over the years and in the last few, in epidemic proportion.

We as a society need to urge our nation to address this issue; if we don’t 10 million Baby Boomers will die of this costly and heartbreaking disease.

In the meantime, we have committed our office to working towards making life better for folks suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their families and caregivers. To advocate for them, to plan for the future, protect assets and provide information and support, we have made a significant capital investment in procuring the finest resources that speak to these particular needs:

This is why we are very excited about and proud to invite you to visit our all-new FREE “Online Resource Center”:

Even if this dreadful disease does not affect you directly, I urge you to pass this information along to your friends and family, personal and professional networks, so that they may review all the quality, complimentary resources we have provided.

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  1. Butterfly says:

    Now I feel stupid. That’s cleraed it up for me

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