My Story

My story for these Passover and Easter Holidays

Most of the year, I come to you with information on what we can do as an elder law office. We encourage you to use our services and recommend them to your friends, colleagues and clients. We provide you with important legal, financial and practical information regarding the elderly. We are proud of the good work we do.
As a holistic elder law firm, we provide a tremendous amount of financial security and personal peace of mind with the services we provide and the staff that provides them with me and with whom I could not do without. Unlike many attorneys, I feel good about what I do every day and enjoy coming to work. I’m extremely grateful for having found what I believe to be a true calling.
Sometimes, however, I am struck with the awareness that I cannot change certain facts: that I cannot make my client remember, walk, be pain free or young again. I could not do it for my in-laws who both passed away 3 years ago and I cannot do it for my parents, who are struggling with all the issues of aging you all see every day.

Sometimes, this powerlessness is frustrating, humbling and sad.

And then just as I mull over what I cannot do, I find myself working with a hospice, social worker or a veteran’s service officer or a CNA at a nursing home and I realize that those of us who are privileged to work with seniors and their families in later years and in end of life situations are among the most special people out there. Most people could never do what we do, day in and day out.

“Isn’t what you do depressing?” people ask me. And my response is an emphatic NO. It just reminds me that every day is a gift to be treasured.

So during this time for reflection and time spent with family, I wish you peace, love, strength and acceptance for whatever comes your way.

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Happy Holidays
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    I can ardleay tell that’s gonna be super helpful.

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