So, How Are My Parents Doing?

Because I write about my family from time to time, people ask for an update so here it is!

My father recently turned 90, my mother will be 89 in June and they are married 65 years.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that because of their advanced age, they continue to experience the incapacities most of us are used to seeing.  Both suffer from some physical incapacity and myriad of illnesses and my mom has a little mild cognitive impairment.   Being in the business is both a blessing and a curse because I have access to information and resouces, which is good, but I know too much, which is bad.

They have a full time aide and are still able to get out for meals.  They have help with their finances and I am regularly in touch with their primary care physician to get updates and ask questions.

I see my parents once a week, for breakfast, at the PI Bagel in Davie.  This tradition has been going on so long that we are often joined by friends and family members.  The visits are not too long, Mom doesn’t fret about entertaining, and they get to see family and friends.  What was once just a simple breakfast is now the perfect way for family and friends to have brief but frequent visits.  It’s a win/win situation and something I recommend others adopt in some form.

So if you want to join us, just let me know!  My father is a pip and you’ll get some really bad jokes to take back to the office!  Thanks for listening.

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