There Are Other Veteran’s Benefits

Aid and Attendance offers up to nearly $2000 per month to a veteran who has long term care needs and costs associated with this care. A surviving spouse can be entitled to a benefit of up to approximately $1000.  For more information on these useful benefits to which many qualified veteran’s and their surviving spouses may be eligible, visit our firm’s website (or go directly to:  Our firm also offers a FREE email series that provides further details. Sign up here:
In our practice we see a great percentage of our clients seek assistance in procuring Aid and Attendance benefits. There are, however, other VA benefits available. Below is a clipping from an article that I came across recently offering interesting insight into this subject:
THE VA HEALTH CARE SYSTEM operates the largest health care system in the  United States.        Contrary to what many veteran’s expect, every veteran is not eligible for benefits from the VA health care system.  The system principally covers veterans with service connected injuries, those with low income and the very elderly with wartime service.  The system requires the veteran to enroll on a yearly basis. This can be done in person, by mail or over the Internet.   Adverse decisions concerning the VA healthcare system are appealable.  Advocates should encourage their clients to enroll in the VA system even if they currently do not need or are entitled to benefits.
A veteran should attempt to enroll in the system despite the fact that the veteran has been told that s/he is not eligible or that there is a long waiting list. The system can be inconsistent and I have had many clients receive benefits such as prescription drugs for which they otherwise would have had to pay. Veterans who have a service connected disability in excess of 50% receive priority in enrollment.  Additionally, veterans who receive increased pension based on their need for aid and attendance or are housebound also receive a higher priority and are entitled to receive free medication from a VA pharmacy even if they are not otherwise receiving medical care.
The VA medical benefits package includes prescription drugs and medical exams.  Since veterans with a higher percentage of disability have a higher priority, the veteran should consider filing for an increased rating.  While the amount of money received on a monthly basis will increase minimally, the health care benefits can be enormous. 
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