On days like this it’s hard to love the law.

A few months ago a colleague and I were chatting and I remarked to him that I love the law.  An attorney as well, he remarked that he never had the love of the law that so many attorneys have.

When a decision like the one in the Casey Anthony trial comes down, my immediate reaction is not to love the law; in fact it’s to agree with the bloggers that our system of justice is dead.

But it is not.  Thomas Friedman once said, “If only America could be China for a day- just one day – just one day.”  In many other countries things run much more efficiently and effectively but offer little in personal freedoms.

For our criminal justice system to work we must accept less efficiency and unjust verdicts.  It’s the price we pay for the personal freedoms that come with being an American.

So, yes, I still love the law.  On days like today (or when OJ was acquitted), I remind myself that we all win when Casey Anthony is acquitted.  It just doesn’t feel like it.

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One comment on “On days like this it’s hard to love the law.
  1. Kellsie says:

    Your article perfectly shows what I nedeed to know, thanks!

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