When Is It Time For Nursing Home Placement?

If you have an aging loved one, it’s a question you’ve probably been dreading. And if you have an aging loved one whose mental health is failing, it’s a question you may have to ask – and answer – now.

It’s generally best to keep the senior at home as long as possible. But there often comes a time – either because of the senior’s declining condition or the caregiver’s declining ability to provide continued care – when a nursing home is the obvious answer.

When a senior become incontinent, it may be the time. It might be time when feeding becomes too difficult. Or when the senior starts to wander. Unwarranted bursts of anger – or even violence – are an indication that it may be time. If your loved one can no longer recognize family members, it may be time. And if the role of caregiver puts too much strain on the caregiver’s own health, it may be time.

On the other hand, though, you may find that your tolerance-threshold is higher than you though. In fact, if the caregiver has a strong enough support system, the loved one may be able to remain at home indefinitely…or even permanently.

However, if 24/7 caregiving is affecting your own physical and emotional health, it may not be the best decision. Often, caregivers are too close to the situation – and devoting too much of themselves – to see the effects on themselves. But if your family expresses concerns, you should listen. It’s not helping your loved one if you’re endangering your own health!

At The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld & Associates, we see families frightened by Alzheimer’s diagnoses every day. Over the past 33 years, in fact, we’ve seen thousands of them. It’s the start of a long, lonely road for many South Florida families. But not the ones who come to us.

We’ll guide you down that long, hard road. With answers to your questions. With plans for any contingency. With the expertise to safeguard your loved one’s rights. With support for the caregiver as well as the senior. And with a soft shoulder, when you need it.

Give us a call. We’ll get you down that long, hard road.

When Is It Time For Nursing Home Placement?

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