Could My Loved One Actually Be Happier In A Nursing Home Than At Home?

Sounds like a dumb question, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at the answer!

The fact is that many seniors with declining physical and cognitive abilities actually do feel happier in a nursing home.

In nursing home environments, seniors may feel less insecure about their decreasing abilities…and more secure about their opportunities to socialize. In nursing homes, dining rooms are not just for dining; they’re often the center for social life, where seniors can mix and mingle and feel comfortable. In fact, many people who were not very “social” in their earlier lives become social butterflies at nursing homes!

Some seniors with declining abilities are actually bored at home…often because the rest of the family is frantically going about their daily activities. In a nursing home, though, daily activities revolve around the seniors. In a good nursing home, group activities are frequent and fun. And, since they’ll have full use of any of the facility’s amenities and services, seniors won’t lack for individual pursuits, either; there’ll be plenty of games, puzzles, newspapers, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

Residents are monitored all day, and there’s a nurse on premises. Medications are given by staff, so the senior (or his/her loved ones) never have to worry about missing a dose.

Many seniors at nursing homes, because they’re less dependent on family, actually feel a renewed sense of independence…a very important thing to a senior. Seniors no longer have that nagging feeling of being a burden to their families.

You may be sad about sending your loved one to a nursing home. But they might not be!

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Could My Loved One Actually Be Happier In A Nursing Home Than At Home?

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