How The Supreme Court Has Helped Seniors

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act is good news for people over 50 and senior citizens. If you’re over 50 and don’t have insurance through an employer your options for health coverage will be greatly improved starting in two years when the new state health exchanges are launched.

15% of all Americans between 50 and 64 are uninsured. This is almost 9,000,000 people and the number is drastically rising due to the economic downturn since 2008. The state exchanges will provide a simple process for getting coverage for anyone who’s not covered at work. You start with an application for insurance submitted to your state exchange and depending on your income will be eligible to buy a policy in exchange or receive coverage under Medicaid.

The healthcare law will change the marketplace considerably because applicants cannot be denied on pre-existing conditions nor will insurance companies be able to charge higher premiums or deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

For seniors who are on Medicare the improvements will continue. We will discuss the improvements to Medicare in the next post. So consider this the first of several posts updating you on the Affordable Care Act and its importance to seniors in our community.

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How The Supreme Court Has Helped Seniors

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