How Do I Know What Training a Caregiver Needs to Care for My Mom?

If you can answer this question without losing any sleep… please give your secret to the rest of us!

No one who’s ever handed the care of a loved one to a stranger has been without doubts as to whether they’ve picked the right person. But we can give you a few tips to make the choice easier.

The first question you need to ask yourself is simple: What level of care does my mom require? You may be able to arrive at the answer with the help of a home health/private duty agency.

If it’s just a matter getting you some assistance with daily chores, a housekeeper would work. If your mother is still somewhat independent, but you don’t want to leave her alone, a sitter would be the right choice. (Note: It should be a sitter with experience in dementia.) If your mother needs assistance with simple personal tasks – such as dressing, bathing, and going to the bathroom – it’s time for a certified nurse aid. And once she’s in the stage where she needs medical services, your logical choice would be a nurse.

A home care agency will do all the dirty work – background checks, hiring, training, payroll, benefits, and, if necessary, dismissal. There’s a fee, of course. But it’s money well spent. And it will relieve you of the burden of trying find help yourself.

Then there’s the option of an adult day care center… which would free you during the daytime.

When making these decisions, go with your gut. It it doesn’t feel right… don’t do it!

You’ll feel a tremendous responsibility – and burden – when making these decisions. But we can help.

At The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld & Associates, we’re Elder Law attorneys… and we help people make these decisions every day. In fact, over the past 33 years, we’ve walked thousands of South Florida families through the Dementia Journey. And we’ve helped them prepare for it, as well, with comprehensive estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, long-term care planning, asset-protection plans, and assistance with Medicaid and the VA.

We know every step of the Dementia Journey. And we’re just a phone call away.

How Do I Know What Training a Caregiver Needs to Care for My Mom?

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