Can People With Alzheimer’s Sometimes Seem Like Their Old Selves?

Simply put, yes! And, for the caregiver, it can be puzzling as heck!

One day, your loved one seems to be slipping away faster than ever. And the next, he’s as lucid and as funny and as even-tempered as he was in the old days.

Just like you and I, people with Alzheimer’s or dementia have good and bad days. On their good days, they’ll be outgoing, lucid, and fully able to express their needs and their wants. They recognize people, and remember things they might have known the day before. When this happens, the caregiver may fall victim to a false sense of hope.

Unfortunately, though, the illusion doesn’t last very long. Within days – or the next day – you’re loved one is “out of it,” snappy, angry, and withdrawn into her own little world. And the hope you had nurtured just a day or two before is smashed against the wall of reality.

When your loved one goes through changes like this, you’ll probably find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster.

That’s why it’s important to savor the good days! They’ll eventually become fewer and far between…which is why you should squeeze every second of joy possible from them.

Caregivers must endure a grieving process. When they see temporary moments of hope, they tend to fantasize that those temporary moments might become permanent. But fantasies, of course, don’t last. However, the memories you can make in those rare times when your loved one is her old self can last forever. And they can help pull you through the bad days.

When you’re a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, your mind is bombarded – constantly – with questions. But we can help.

We’ve been  practicing Elder Law here in South Florida for 33 years. And we’ve got one of the largest Alzheimer’s/Dementia resource centers in South Florida.

At The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld & Associates, we’ve walked thousands of families through the Elder Law Journey, with comprehensive estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, long-term care assistance, asset-protection plans, and assistance with Medicaid or the VA.

We can walk you through the Elder Care Journey. And we’re just a phone call away.

Can People With Alzheimer’s Sometimes Seem Like Their Old Selves?

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