Re-Defining Aging: Guess Who Just Turned 72?

On May 24, an American icon turned 72. Can you guess who it is?

Let’s drop some hints…

*Some say he’s looked 72 since he was 22.

* He has a voice that, depending on your taste, is either glorious or grating.

* His temperament is best described as grumpy on a good day, and a train-wreck

on a bad one.

He’s had more personal iterations than Houdini…from Electric to Folkie to Born Again

to Gypsy to Hobo Minstrel to Pop to Country Gent to, for a mercifully-brief moment,


You often need an English translator to understand what the heck he’s singing.

* He had weaknesses for drugs and women.

He could have probably benefitted from the services of a good sinus/adenoid surgeon.

Got it, yet? OK, a few more hints…

* He was born and raised in Minnesota.

* To those who believed – and there were many – he was the voice of his generation.

OK…it’s Bob Dylan! He turned 72 on May 24. So, how’s Bob relaxing in his dotage?

By touring America, that’s how! In fact, from June 26, where he starts his tour in West Palm Beach, until August 4, when he finishes it in California, he’s got 26 performances lined up! In 39 days!

Bob Dylan, like many Boomers, is re-defining “aging.” After some 55 years on the road, he’s got a schedule that would exhaust a 22-year-old. He’s an example of how Boomers see “aging” differently than their parents, who most likely dreamed about good books and empty golf courses. And he’s a perfect example, too, that getting “older” doesn’t mean getting “old!”

Bob Dylan is probably secure as far as his estate planning. But many Boomers aren’t. And that’s where we come in…because we secure futures for Boomers who aren’t superstars.

At The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld & Associates, we practice Elder Law. For the past 34 years, we’ve worked with thousands of South Florida families to secure their futures, with comprehensive estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, long-term care planning, asset-protection plans, and assistance with Medicaid and the VA.

We can secure your family’s future, too. And we’re just a phone call away.

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