Ada Zeisel, Medicaid Facilitator – If it Can be Had, Ada Knows Where to Get it!

Ada Zeisel, Medicaid Facilitator

Ada Zeisel is our Medicaid Case Manager – and, if she gets your case, you can count on it being treated professionally, compassionately, and expeditiously. Ms. Ziesel knows her way around the Medicaid application process as well as anyone in South Florida… because she worked in the Medicaid Division of the Florida Department of Children and Families for 25 years. After retiring, she found the she still had the desire to help Medicaid applicants get what they deserved, so she accepted Alice Reiter Feld’s offer to continue leveraging her experience on behalf of seniors. And retirement’s loss is now our gain.

Ms. Zeisel has worked with the elderly and their families her entire professional life – and she’s coordinated thousands of Nursing Home Medicaid applications. Her experience and sills are valuable assets to the practice. And our clients love her – as evidenced by the glowing letters of appreciation they send her.

Her pride and joy is her family, which includes two children and five grandchildren, among them a brilliant young man (and aspiring physician) who’s been accepted to institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and Cornell University.

Ada’s considered our “kitchen wizard” (she’s a great cook!). And if you ever pass our kitchen at lunchtime, you’re likely to smell the aromas of her latest creation – which is probably being enjoyed by several members of the our staff! If you are really nice to her, she just might make something for you!

To speak with Ms. Zeisel call 954-726-6602 or click

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