Crisis Planning with the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld and Associates, P.A.

“My mother was living home and was fine. We kept putting off going to a lawyer. Then she fell! Medicare stopped paying for her rehabilitation. How am I going to pay for the nursing home she now needs? What documents do we need? Is it too late?”

Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits

Unfortunately I hear this all the time. Much as we would hope our families would plan for all possibilities, it is a fact than many do not. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! No one should make you feel guilty. We move forward from here.

Is it too late? The answer is NO! But we must move quickly. We must assess the situation and determine if we can protect assets and qualify for Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits for the nursing home patient. We must prepare all the necessary Estate Planning documents such as health care surrogates, living wills, durable powers of attorney and a will. We must look at the family dynamics and structure a plan that works for each individual family. But time is definitely money.

For more information visit How to qualify for Medicaid Legally and Honestly and Veteran’s Benefits for Long Term Care Costs.

In addition to protecting assets and qualifying for Medicaid, it is important that the nursing home patient have all of the important documents in place. The most important of all is the Living Will, Health Care Surrogate and Durable Power of Attorney.


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