Tracy Meli, Sr. Legal Assistant and Personal Assistant – The Go To Gal

Tracy Meli is a Sr. Legal Assistant for the firm, as well as Personal Assistant to Alice Reiter Feld. Tracy is the one who keeps in touch with current and prospective clients, answering any questions, and serving as sort of a “human guidebook” through what can be a very complicated process. She is a versatile jack-of-all-trades… and, in many ways, the glue that holds our office together. She oversees the scheduling of all client consultations; manages the attorneys’ court appearances and dockets; and ensures there’s always adequate staffing and administrative support. In addition, she prepares and maintains clients’ legal files, and facilitates a robust schedule for this multi-location practice. In short, when it comes to multi-tasking, she’s juggler extraordinaire. (And, when needed, she also serves as the office Notary Public.)Tracy Meli

Ask anyone in the office, and they’ll tell you that Tracy Meli executes! And she does so with an adroit mix of professionalism and personal concern. She’s a reassuring voice for our clients, a calm presence under pressure for our attorneys, and a steadying influence on the entire office.

Prior to joining The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld and Associates, PA, Tracy utilized her organizational and bookkeeping skills in the Property Management field. She quickly advanced from Office Manager/Bookkeeper to Assistant Controller, supervising a staff of three.

In her off-hours, Tracy’s priority is spending time with friends and family (in particular, her 2 nephews – the loves of her life). She enjoys quiet moments, as well, while taking her customary long walks. But there’s one place, however, where she enjoys a lot of noise rather than quiet. Tracy’s special passion is NASCAR Racing, and she’s a regular at the exciting events of the National Hot Rod Association.


To contact Ms. Meli directly, dial (954) – 726 – 6602 or email at

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