Online Elder Law Consumer Resources And Guides

Here are some additional FREE resources provided to you courtesy of the Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld and Associates. Feel free to sign up for any and all of the following:

The Alzheimer’s Resource Center- Consumer Resource Library
92 of the most significant, hard to find Alzheimer’s breakthrough solutions of the past 4 years.

Don’t Go Broke In A Nursing Home! – Medicaid Consumer Guide
Discover the seven steps you should be taking right now to get quality long-term care . . . without going broke, losing your home, or leaving your family without a dime!

The Nuts & Bolts Guide to VA Benefits Consumer Guide
FREE report reveals the surprising benefit available to veterans to help pay the cost of assisted living or home health care.

Build Yourself A Fortress – Estate Planning Consumer Guide
How To bar the door against the high cost of probate, greedy creditors, children’s divorces, and never-ending long-term care costs.

Our Florida Elder Law Blog
How-To Guides, tips and helpful information related to multiple areas of Elder Law.

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