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Our Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Special Needs Online Resource Center is designed as a “one stop shop” for our clients, senior care professionals and the senior community at large. Please feel free to read and click through all the valuable and FREE materials, education, support and services related to the issues surrounding the aging and disabled that we have made available for your benefit. It’s about working together to make the lives of our clients better.

Disclaimer: This website and the materials on it including audio-files are made available to you as a courtesy, to provide you as much important general information as possible.  The content on this site and the audio files are meant as general information only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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Alice Reiter Feld’s Monday Memos

Every Monday, Alice Reiter Feld sends all members of the Resource Center a Monday Memo, focused on the latest issues related to elder care law, Alzheimers, Veterans, Estate Planning, and other issues.

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Audio Programs

To listen to replays of teleseminars and other educational programs featuring Alice Reiter Feld, just click “Play” on the buttons below.

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VA And Medicaid Disasters, And How To Avoid Them:


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Create A Great Funeral:


How To Get Good Nursing Home Care:


What You Need To Know About Hospice:


How To Avoid Probate:


Interview With Paul G. (client) – “Why I Did Long Term Care Planning”:


“How To Avoid Going Broke In A Nursing Home” Seminar:


Alzheimers And Memory Disorders:


Planning For The Same Sex Couple:


For Financial Planners: Planning With Irrevocable Trusts And Keeping Your Book Of Business:


Special Long Term Care Planning Issues For People With Alzheimer’s Or Other Dementias:


Veteran’s Benefits Overview:




Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease affects caregivers almost as much as it does the patient. We are all touched by this terrible and non-discriminating disease. It is a terminal illness. And there are no survivors.

Our firm has made a significant emotional and financial investment in acquiring the best materials and resources that address the unique needs of folks like you, whether a lay person or senior care professional, are caregivers to Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia patients.

Some of the high-quality, specialized materials we have made available to you FREE include:

Access to a great deal of relevant and useful information to help you cope.

You’ll discover what initial steps you need to take to provide the best possible care for your loved one and still make sure you are taking care of yourself.

A series of Audio E-Books, including:

  • Understanding Alzheimer’s and the Progression of the Disease
  • Caring for and Communicating with the Alzheimer’s Patient
  • How to preserving Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Psychological Health as a Caregiver

You can download our Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journal, since studies have proven that writing down your thoughts, fears, frustrations, and hopes is a great way to cope with Alzheimer’s. This is also a great way to keep tabs on your loved one’s medical history for future doctor’s visits.

And also join AlzheimersHope.com, a great online community that supports Caregivers so they don’t go through the challenges caring for Alzheimer’s sufferers alone! Isolation leads to despair, but shared experiences lead to understanding and hope.




Public Benefits: Medicaid and Veteran’s

Claim Your FREE Report — “What You Don’t Know About Paying for Nursing Home Care Could Cost You Everything!” where you’ll discover the 7 Steps You Should be Taking Right Now to Get Quality Long-Term Care…Without Going Broke, Losing Your Home, or Leaving Your Family Without a Dime!

Here are just a few of the secrets
you’ll discover:

  • What you can do to save money – EVEN IF your loved one is already in a Nursing Home!
  • Discover a hidden benefit for Veterans and their spouses that could help to cover the high cost of home health care or Assisted Living
  • Learn how gifting money to your children can disqualify you from Medicaid — unless it’s done just right

For many American Veterans, the rising cost of Assisted Living or home health care can be staggering.

The good news is that there is a little-known VA benefit that can help you get the care you need without using up all of your hard-earned savings.

If you or a member of your family is an honorably discharged Veteran who served at least one day during a active wartime and if you are in an Assisted Living Community or are spending several hundred dollars a month or more on the cost of your health care, then you may qualify for benefits under the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Program.

To learn more about the benefits you may be missing out on, enter your name and e-mail below to access a FREE copy of my informative report: “The Nuts & Bolts Guide to VA Benefits”.




Estate, Long Term Care (Life Care) Planning

Nearly 1 in 2 Seniors Will Become Incapacitated Before They Die…Don’t Put Your Family and Finances at Risk!

Learn New Estate Planning Secrets and Build Yourself a Fortress!

Enter your name and e-mail below and you’ll receive a FREE E-mail Course that will help you To Bar The Door Against the High Cost of Probate, Greedy Creditors, Children’s Divorces, and Never-Ending Long Term Care Costs:





Alice Reiter Feld was recently featured on cable television’s “ASK THE LAWYER” program.

CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR FREE CD OR DVD! We’re happy to offer you either a DVD or CD version on the program, absolutely FREE. You’ll find out answers to lots of your elder law questions, touching each subject under the “Elder Law Umbrella”. Click here to request your copy, and please specify either DVD or CD.

We encourage you to become a Champion resource center visitor and to recommend us to your friends, family members, clients and patients, so that we can help them too.



Meet, Network, Market

Our West Broward headquarters now also proudly serves as a meeting space and a networking place where you can feel free to display your business cards and literature. We make the space available FREE where you can host workshops, seminars and community events. We invite you to send us brochures, pamphlets, business cards and other information on your services so that we can display these and make your information readily available to other professionals in the senior care community.

We’ve envisioned this “one stop shop” for our professional affiliates within the senior care community. A single source where one can display and obtain relative information about services and support related to the issues surrounding the aging and disabled. It’s about working together to make the lives of our clients better.

Examples of senior care professionals who would be interested in providing their information to our center, as well as utilizing the information in the center include:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Community Social Workers
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Discharge Planners
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Anyone in the senior care professional community


  • Lunch and Learn
  • Client Appreciation Open House
  • Book Signings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Any other issues of importance to the professional community

We believe we have an innovative concept that is going to greatly enhance the accessibility of information to the senior care community. We have held seminars here and look forward to hosting any events that you may sponsor in the future. We hope that you will recommend the space to your network of contacts, and take advantage of the conveniences offered by our resource center, which include computer and internet access, printing & copying, overhead/projector and of course, access to all the wonderful materials your colleagues are sharing with you!




Alice Reiter Feld is available for speaker and co-counsel opportunities:

Ms. Feld coaches in the “Million Dollar Lawyer” Program, and is the founder of “That Sweet Taste of Success”, a wealth coaching and consulting program designed exclusively for women attorneys.

A nationally-known expert on Veteran’s Benefits for Long-Term Care, Alice is sought-after to speak to students of law, elder care facility administrators, the senior community-at-large, as well as teaches this subject to elder law attorneys, around the country, most recently at NOVA Southeastern School of Law, Broward County Estate Planning Council and Hospice by the Sea.

Alice Reiter Feld is available for Seminars, Talks, and In-Service Training on all Elder Law topics, including: Estate Planning, Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, Probate, Taxes, Life-Care Planning and End-of-Life Decision-Making, Wills & Trusts, and Pre-Crisis Long-Term Care Planning.

If you are interested in having Alice Reiter Feld speak at your Firm; or serve as co-Counsel, according to the Florida Bar Rules of Professional Responsibility, email: info@florida-elderlaw.com


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