It’s a Dog’s World… Especially for Seniors – Part 1

Hi! I’m Emily, the official “Office Greeter” at The Law Offices of Alice Reiter Feld & Associates. (Although, truth be told, I much prefer the title of “Goodwill Ambassador.”)emily

I carry out my greeting duties with dedication and a warm wag (and a full-fledged lick if you bring me a treat!). Monday was “Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” So it’s a perfect time to talk about a serious matter…the role a dog can play in a senior’s life.

If a dog is man’s best friend…then we’re blood-brothers to seniors. According to my Mom, Alice Reiter Feld, studies show that we can bring a sense of happiness and well-being to seniors.

Unfortunately, millions of my healthy friends are put to death every year because they haven’t found homes. But millions of seniors would love the companionship and unconditional love that we can give them.


The Pets For the Elderly Foundation is doing something about it.


Pets For the Elderly pays a portion of the fee when someone 60 or older adopts one of my canine brothers or sisters. They now have 52 participating shelters across America…including, happily, the Humane Society of Broward County (

How can one of my furry friends help you?

* A loving companion can help a senior feel less isolated…especially if they live alone.

* Just as a dog benefits from his/her daily walks…so does a senior.

* Seniors who own dogs have a sense of purpose, and of feeling needed. (After all, we can’t carry our own pooper-scoopers!).

* Owning a dog, according to researchers, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lessens incidences of depression.

So give it some thought.

My Mom has been helping South Floridians plan for senior life for 34 years, with comprehensive estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, long-term care plans, asset-protection plans, and assistance with Medicaid and the VA. She can help you, too.

So stop by our office. And if you happen to slip me a doggie-goodie when I perform my greeting duties…well, what Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her!


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